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  • Coast to Coast Coverage - for all of your court reporting needs
  • Our Program Features and Utilizes YOUR LOCAL CHOICE REPORTER

Cost Containment

  • 25% - 40% savings over most standard nationwide rates
  • Bill to / Ship to invoice distribution reduces costs
  • We eliminate the attorney invoice review "bottleneck"
  • We deliver a seamless TPA function for ALL your Court Reporting invoices
  • We deliver electronic invoices via LEDES Format to eliminate processing costs

Management Reports

  • Billing by office -Billing by region - Billing by National Summary
  • All billings include: law firm, attorney, witness, case caption, dates, hours etc.
  • All billings include appropriate: claim number, claim rep, routing
  • Bill to / Ship to - distribution of invoicing ensures proper claim handling
  • Varied activity reports and savings summaries available
  • Breakdowns by state, region or the like
  • Transparency - all invoicing and transcription is viewable via
    secure WebPlatform for audit - click from invoice to transcript

Access to Transcripts and Information

  • powered by DepositionNet
  • Nationwide CRS enables transcript-views from any desktop anywhere any time
  • ALL transcripts are viewable in several formats to assure viewability
  • NO software required
  • ALL transcripts are available with electronic signature



powered by DepositionNet
provides leverage found nowhere else.
Transparent aggregation of YOUR Transcript Library on a local, regional and national level is the "gold ring" that every national account has been reaching for.  DEITZ NATIONWIDE CRS now puts that goal within easy reach.  Data mining has never been so easily achievable. 

DEITZ NATIONWIDE CRS - through a network of local services have pooled their resources nationally. Together your LOCAL CHOICE Court Reporter powered by DepositionNet can now deliver Nationwide Court Reporting Services... the same services that you have grown accustomed to in your local market - - nationally.  Your law firms and claims groups have developed and fostered relationships over the years.  DEITZ NATIONWIDE CRS powered by DepositionNet leverages these relationships and delivers a superior package of benefits and savings along with data minning capabilities.

On a National level you gain bundled services, reports and access to data.  You obtain economies of scale, aggregation of your transcript library and reduced cost for electronic billing, summary payments and EFT.

On a local level you maintain relationships that allow the job to get done... transcripts to be processed, and the case to be won without delay.   Local customs and expectations are easily met and in most cases a superior product is delivered.  The leverage that DEITZ NATIONWIDE CRS - powered by DepositionNet delivers makes all the difference.