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DepositionNet, introduced in 1999, is the FIRST WebBased solution to managing "YOUR Transcript Library."  powered by DepositionNet is the FIRST WebBased solution for transcript access by multiple document reading softwares.  powered by DepositionNet is the ONLY solution to gaurantee document readablity from ANY Internet device. 

powered by DepositionNet  is used by small, medium and large firms. It is ideal for firms with multiple locations, and with both local and regional, or national presence. powered by DepositionNet delivers a web-based solution for transcript management, and it creates itself - as it feeds itself on your work history.

Virtually limitless in terms of space, powered by DepositionNet  seamlessly migrates data between the MY-Account function and the transcript management function of the web-based system.  There has been great talk of the paperless office - powered by DepositionNet  brings you one step closer to this possibility.  No scanning, no coding, no publishing is required.  powered by DepositionNet  populates itself as you go about your normal routine of taking depositions. 

Cut and paste from your deposition to your motions.  Invite a claim-rep to view a transcript with you in seconds on the fly.  Word search your transcripts, case search your library of transcripts.


Accessibility  Collaboration  Convenience  Access 

Exclusive use of Jay Deitz & Associates for all your court reporting needs will ensure access to all of your transcripts all of the time.

Utilizing DepositionNet's incredible database power as our backbone, and adapting a powerful MY-Account front end portal, Jay Deitz & Associates exclusively delivers a tool that is unmatched in the court reporting industry. 

Free up your office for people, not paper. And as your database of transcription grows, so does the value of DepositionNet & MY-Account.